Traditional Steaks Menu

Big Steak House
$70 $55
Very huge steak for good company with grilled potatoes, grilled corn, fresh greenery and sauce on your choose.
Chicago Steak
$30 $25
Our firm steak made from perfect meat according to the company's recipe with unique sauce for fantastic taste.
Awesome steak from the rib primal section. Traditional recipe with perfect quality and, sure, sauce on choose.
Awesome beef steak by traditional recipes with crispy and melting fries and, also, branded tomato sauce.
Most delicious steak of the highest degree of marbling fillet. Served with grilled corn, greenery and firm sauce.
Delicate and juicy, prepared with love by the masters of their craft. A real celebration of taste for your stomach.
If you like really hot steaks - this is your choice. Served with greenery and cherry tomatoes. VERY STRONG!
If you are tired of beef, you can make a variety by ordering this pork steak. Highest quality and taste.

Delicious Menu Grill Aand Burger

Ribs Barbecue
$70 $55
Pork ribs in a traditional marinade, baked on the coals. Served with cherry tomatoes, special sauce and greens.
Best companion for our craft beer. Hot, juicy and crispy. Wide range of traditional sauces also available for you.
Crispy chicken wings in our firm marinade cooked by our grill masters. Taste amazing with pint of fresh beer.
If you prefer vegetables this sweet grilled corn is best choice. Served with special firm sweet sour sauce.
King Fish
Freshly grilled fish cooked according to the traditional recipe with rustic potatoes. Also with sauce on choose.
Royale Burger
$20 $15
Two juicy beef patties made from minced meat according to the company's recipe with fresh bacon.
Spring Burger
$20 $15
Beef patty, cooked from minced meat, iceberg salad, fresh vegetables, and all this is laid in fragrant buns.
Traditional Italian bread, tomato paste, mozzarella cheese, red onion, ground beef and mixed greens.
Amazing chicken cotelette, cherry tomatoes, mixed greens and honey mustard sauce with fragrant buns.
Grilled fish fillet with special firm sauce, mixed greens, fresh vegetables and traditional fragrant buns.

Tasty and Healthy Salads and Snacks

Greek salad
$20 $15
Is made with pieces of tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, onion, feta cheese and dressed with olive oil.
Caesar salad
$25 $20
Is made with romaine, olive oil, crushed garlic, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, Parmesan cheese and croutons.
Is made with grilled beef fillet, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, red onion, mixed greens and corn.
Is made with salmon fillet, basil, flax grains, cherry tomatoes and special cream sauce. Served in glass.
Is made with cucumber, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, boiled potatoes and olive oil. Served with toasted bread.
Is made with king crab, avocado, hard boiled eggs and tomato with Louis dressing, based on mayonnaise.
Is made with cherry tomato, cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, grilled beef meat and dressed with special firm sauce.
Made with grilled chicken fillet, leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, quail egg, dressed with honey mustard sauce.

Sweet Part Desserts Menu

A wonderful dessert. Light souffle on amazing cracker inside with pieces of fruit and chocolate petals.
Thin and crispy pancakes with strawberry jam and pieces of fresh strawberries and mint.
Fruit Mix
This is a fresh mix of kiwi, strawberry, orange, grapes dressed with whipped cream and served in a glass.
Amazing pie with blueberry filling by traditional recipes. Good decision for fresh fruit tea or hot chocolate.
Amazing selected strawberries with soft whipped cream. Served in layers in a glass.
This sweet dessert consisting with two cheese layers and fruit jam inside. Flavored with chocolate powder.
Amazing delicate and crunchy croissant with a wide assortment of filling jam to choose from.
Fantastic ice cream made by special recipe with adding mix of tropical fruits. Served in glass with chocolate.

Strong & Sweet Bar Menu

Strong and perfect Scotland scotch. Served with Ice. 40% vol. Product of Scotland.
100cl / 50ml
Jack Daniel’s
Sour mash whiskey. Classic male drink from Tennessee. 40% vol. Made in U.S.A.
75cl / 50cl / 50ml
Craft Beer
Special craft beer from our personal brewer. There are three types to choose: dark, light and blanched beer.
50cl / 33cl
Red Wine
Fantastic light red wine form Europe. Perfect choice for meat meal and cheese dishes. 12.5% vol.
75cl / 150ml
Highest quality tea with pieces of tropical fruits. Served in a half-liter glass teapot.
Coffee in assortiment. Different types of coffee to meet the needs of most customers. Also can include milk.
Sweet, hot, warming. Real hot chocolate cooked according to traditional recipes. Also can include milk.
Fruit juice in assortiment. Different types of fruit juice from quality brand companies.